Dual Extruder 3D Printer KODAK Portrait

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  • NAllows to work with Cloud 3D Print (v4.X)
  • NAllows to manage storages on local networks.

KODAK Portrait 3D Printer 3.5

This dual extruder 3D printer has been engineered to print advanced materials almost as easily as PLA.

Reliability in engineering materials made possible by a fully enclosed environment with all-steel components and a double lifting extrusion system can ensure a good performance when using high-temperature polymers.

Unleash your creativity with the KODAK Portrait 3D Printer v3.5!

Gabriel B.

Good and very complete
I will summarize my experience with this printer. I bought it two months ago, and so far it works as expected. The robustness of the machine and the quality of its components can be seen immediately.

The automatic leveling works. Even though it comes pre-calibrated, I calibrated it once, and it hasn’t changed since then. The software is quite intuitive and easy to use, and the touch screen works very well. The print quality is good, and the slicer for two materials is very easy to use. I was able to print PVA media without any problem.

I thought it was a great idea that the tempered glass plate has magnets that make it attach perfectly to the machine. The only detail to correct would be to include a time-lapse application. Although I can monitor the prints in real-time, it does not allow me to record them.

The most remarkable is the retractable head that avoids staining the piece when printing with 2 materials, giving one of the best finishes in double extrusion pieces. And second, but not less important, is the combination of 2 different types of hotends. This allowed me to print with technical materials that with my other printers I had not been able to achieve.

I have used the Kodak printer for small batch production of housings, among other things, and it proved to be very reliable.

In summary, it is a recommendable machine because it fulfills its printing function, has two extruders, prints technical materials, is closed, and can use filaments from any supplier. Is very complete!


Excellent printer, especially for ABS and Nylon
Very happy with my ABS prints. No warping or delamination, good adhesion just like the PLA prints. I really needed an enclosed printer for the ABS prints. While the particulate filter is not great, it is better than an open printer.

The Cloud Slicing feature is great! I haven’t tried adding my non-Kodak printers, so I can’t say much about the management tools. It is wonderful to be able to upload full projects, slice them online and then store them online. They email you the time lapse after every print. The fact that it’s CURA based is also convenient, since I can migrate my earlier profiles.

I’m not sure I would pay this much to print just PLA but it is definitely a great printer for ABS and Nylon.

Northern Greg

Clean design, works fine
I bought this printer for a shared lab that I run. I had it set up in my own home for a couple of months before bringing it in.

I really like the clean design and the avoidance of smells coming out of the printer.

The printer software is based on widely used open source code. It has some quirks such as filament occasionally sticking, but I believe these are pretty common to any printer in this broad price range. I was pretty happy with the operations the ability to monitor the prince the controls and of course the results.

The Kodak sealed filament technology that makes the printing more consistent is actually a huge win.

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