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Extruder positioning

The Kodak Portrait features a tool changing mechanism which works by lifting or dropping the second Hotend. This mechanism uses different components along the core XY to trigger the tool change and this affects the moving space available for the printhead.
Consequently, this affects the available print surface for each extruder.

The cloud features an indication system which displays a hollow square in light blue color in the available print área for each hotend.

Example of the area for the right Hotend (Hotend 1)

Example of the area for the left Hotend (Hotend 2)

In the case a dual color model is placed, both áreas need to be checked when adding the files in order to ensure the model is positioned in the intersection of both print areas.


Somewhere along the dual material print area, a prime tower will be automatically set by the cloud slicer. The location is a default, if you want to change it this can be done in the expert settings tab – dual extrusion – prime tower.

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