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Extrusion issues

This guide will help you troubleshoot the following issues:

  • No extrusion
  • Under-extrusion
  • Over-extrusion

  1. Use the right settings/profile for your material. To find the right settings for your material, refer to our printing guidelines. If you’re not using KODAK 3D Printing filaments make sure your software knows the filament diameter that you are using.
  2. Check that the material itself is not causing the problem. If the filament is overlapping on the spool can get the filament entangled. Filaments that have absorbed too much moisture can lead to poor print quality.
  3. Unload the filament using the manual controls and check the unloaded filament for markings (see images below)
  4. Keep your Capricorn Bowden tubes clean. Small particles inside your Capricorn Bowden tubes, from either low quality or ground material, can cause friction and lead to under-extrusion.
  5. A partial blockage in your nozzle can lead to under-extrusion. Please check out our guide on how to unclog your nozzle.

Check the unloaded filament for markings

Marks ✔

No Marks ✘

Grinding ✘

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