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Hotend Holders – Swept Thread

The Kodak Portrait is meant to provide the user with easy access to the hotends for replacement.

For this reason, both hotends are placed in conical support that uses a screw to keep each of them fixed and centered in place.

Hotends have cables with simple connectors that allow the easy disconnection of them.

Hotend exchange is performed in 2 operations:

  1. Disconnect the connectors
  2. Unscrew the support until the hotend can be lowered down and removed. Do not detach the screw from the holder.
WARNING The holders must be handled with caretaking into account that the screw must always be positioned and screwed in a linear direction movement to avoid applying forces unto the thread.If it were to be removed the screw needs to be inserted in proper alignment with the thread to avoid damaging it.

The hotend must always be positioned up to the top until the heatsink is in contact with the holder itself before performing the adjustment.

Example of a correctly positioned screw.

If the screw is inserted incorrectly or over-adjusted it may lead to damaging the thread.

Example of a mispositioned screw.

Once the thread is damaged the entire hotend holder needs to be replaced.


If the hotend can’t be replaced at the time a temporary fix can be installed until the hotend holder is replaced.

NOTE: This fix must be installed in both hotends.

What’s necessary:

  • 2 STL file – Download link here.
  • 2 M3 x 10 screws (can be longer if desired)
  • 2 M3 nut
  • Phillips screwdriver

This fix meant to be printed using in PET or ABS.

PLA can be used if there are no other materials available


  1. Print the model and insert it in the hotend holder.
  2. Insert an M3 nut and put a screw (M3 X10 or more) through it.
  3. Make sure the hotend is held upwards while adjusting.
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