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KODAK 3D Slicer – Dual Material Models

The KODAK Portrait 3D Printer allows the user to print dual material models.

KODAK 3D Slicer available here.

In order to be able to be sliced these models must contain at least 2 parts ( 2 different STL files) which will be assigned to each extruder.

NOTE: In order for models to be automatically merged both of the models need to be generated using the same origin point in the CAD program. If this condition is not matched the models will need to be positioned manually.


First, load all the parts of the dual material print to the slicer.

To assign the extruder select the model and click on the extruder buttons located to the left side.

You will notice the bed size will be readjusted after assigning both extruders in order to match the dual material available print area. If you want to know more about how this works please read this guide.

Select the Printing profile, ensure it is a dual material profile.

The grey circle on the bed will mark the position of the prime tower used to purge the nozzle after each tool change.

Holding the Shift key click on each model to select them and then right-click to see the options menú, select Merge Models. This will fuse both models using the origin of coordinates set on each file.

Both parts will be merged as one model retaining the previously set extruder, this new model can be moved, copied and escalated.

After clicking the Prepare button at the bottom right corner the model will be sliced. Clicking Upload will allow to upload the model to the cloud and selecting the drop-down menú in that option will allow for the opportunity to save the file to a USB drive or to the computer.

If you want to test this function you can download the file here:

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