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KODAK Portrait Quality Control

Each printer must successfully complete a 5-hour print that aims to test six (6) different parameters. Plastic remains may be found in the printer following these tests.


Bed Leveling and Dimension

The first one is a perfect set square. This test shows if the printing hotbed is well aligned. Furthermore, the set square measures 200 mm wide and long, which proves if the calibration test is successful and the printer is printing its optimal full dimensions.


Concentricity and Extrusion

The second one involves the printing of two parts that fit together perfectly. Due to this printing the concentricity can be tested, as well as the extrusion. If the printer concentricity is not well calibrated or if it has over extruded the printing, the two-part won’t fit.


Layer Fan and Dual Extrusion

The last one requires the printing of just one piece without any type of material support. Its morphology can test the layer fan that allows the possibility of making a bridge. Additionally, by printing this model it can be proved whether the dual color print is performing properly.

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