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Loading filament

  1. Hang the loaded filament protective case (how to load a filament protective case) on one of the spool holders in the back of your Portrait 3D Printer. The sticker on the silica gel compartment on the filament protective case facing out suggests which side AND extruder to use.
  2. Fit the plastic guide in the center of the protective case into the slot on the spool holder.
  3. Lift the lever on the extruder and feed the filament at least 5cm into the extruder.lf1.png
  4. Release the Titan lever and go to Setup » Filaments » Load filament on the screen.
  5. Select which extruder and what material you are going to use. Once the Hotend is hot enough, the extruder will start to load filament.
When loading the filament ensure the tip is not bent or twisted and it has a sharp end.lf3.pngBe extremely careful when loading Flex98 or other flex filaments, ensure the tip has reached the inside of the extruder before continuing with the loading procedure.
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