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Lubricating the axles

To ensure your printer runs smoothly and accurately, we would recommend lubricating all axles every three (3) months.

warningAvoid applying excessive amounts of lubricants to any axle to prevent any spilling, and the accumulation of dust and printing particles.
  1. Go to Setup » Manual Controls » Controls » Build plate.
  2. Push the home button (mceclip0.png) to move the build platform to its home position (bottom).
  3. Turn the printer off using the power switch.
  4. Manually move the Printhead to its home position (back right corner).
  5. Apply one (1) or two (2) drops of lube in the middle of the X- and Y-axis rod.
  6. Apply one (1) or two (2) drops lube on both Z-axis rods, above each linear bearing.
  7. Apply one (1) drop of grease above the ball screw of the Z-axis leadscrew.
  8. Power up the printer.
  9. Go to Setup » Manual Controls » Controls » Build plate.
  10. Move the build platform up and down (at least 5 times) using the buttons on the screen.

Now start a print job directly after you’ve lubricated the printer using this guide so that the printing helps lubricate the axles.

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