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All the info from the opening of the box until you plug it in.


Update the software to enjoy your printer with the latest updates available.
Portrait 3D Printer
Cloud 3D Print



Here you will find everything you need to get your new printer up and running.

Calibration, filaments and tests

Get your printer ready to start production.


User manual and others docs

Keep the user manual and important documentation handy.

Keep calm and
use our slicer!

Use KODAK 3D slicer with your KODAK Portrait 3D Printer

Get excellent results with the KODAK 3D slicer. 
This slicer is based on Cura's open source slicing software and incorporates our best-in-class print profiles.

Visit the Kodak Portrait 3D Printer Knowledge Base

Questions such as How to install KODAK Slicer?, When to lubricate the axles?, How to purge the hotends? and much more, can be found in our knowledge base.